Entire Bank Branch Stolen Overnight


GARDAÍ IN County Tipperary are appealing for any eyewitnesses to come forward after an entire branch of the Bank of Ireland was stolen by raiders overnight.

Staff at the BOI branch in the town of Murt were left devastated this morning to find the 2,400 sq. meter building gone when they arrived to work at 9am, with nothing only the bank’s foundations left at the scene, along with three stolen diggers and two cranes used in the robbery.

“There is literally nothing left of the three story building,” bank manager Kevin Federton told WWN, “they even took the car park out the back”.

How the raiders removed the large bank building without waking local residents has yet to be explained, but one man who lived beside the bank believed he heard a loud bang at around 4am this morning.

“I thought nothing of it until I got up to feed the dogs this morning and noticed the whole bank next door was gone,” Tommy Rotchford recalled. “They were clever enough to erect supports so my house didn’t fall down and wake me. They must have been pros”.

CCTV footage showed the raiders loading the bank onto the back of three parallel truck trailers which slowly took off into the night in unison with the building in tow, along with all its contents, including the safe, several atms, computers, canteen, upstairs offices, car park and even the wheelie bins.

Gardaí are asking people who come across anyone trying to sell any of the listed items above please contact Murt garda station. This is the forth such bank building stolen in the area in only a matter of months, leading detectives to believe it may be the same gang involved.