Local Kids Won’t Shut Up About The Environment


ONE LOCAL Waterford father has put on record his annoyance at his children’s insistence that they be allowed partake in worldwide Climate Change protests, WWN can reveal.

“Little pushy shits never shut up about the fucking environment,” confirmed John Legerty, who hasn’t been allowed put anything in a bin for years now without being asked if its recyclable.

Legerty’s frustrations reflect similar concerns from other parents around the world who don’t like to rock the slowly sinking boat, and stems from the fact that his children Jack (9), Amy (12) Leah (14) have failed to inherit his own generation’s ‘someone else should do it’ approach to climate action.

“The pricks want me to drive them to Cork for some protest shite. I’ve tried telling them they can’t make a difference and they should fucking ignore it and get on with only thinking of themselves like their Ma and Da, but you know kids these days, they’re belligerent,” an annoyed Legerty explained.

The strikes, which are taking place in schools and public spaces in 105 countries were sparked by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who has recently been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Unsure as to how he will deter his children from thinking they can make any difference whatsoever, Legerty has become increasingly desperate.

“Ah, I’ll feed them bullshit about how they can’t miss school, and how politicians are all the same and you can’t achieve anything by protest or just laugh at them maybe. Yeah, laugh at how naive they are. Stupid kids,” confirmed Legerty, whose attitude has been bolstered by the fact he’s hedging his bets he won’t be around long enough to really see the degradation of the Earth’s climate adversely effect him in any direct way.