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We’re Just Using Greta Thunberg’s Image For Clicks Now

AFTER closely reviewing our engagement and click through conversion rates with our stats team, this publication is to just use Greta Thunberg’s image for ‘rage clicks’ now in the hopes of further generating our online advertising revenues, WWN can confirm. Admittedly, we could have used a headline that suggests she’s the voice of a generation, or indeed that she’s a… Read more »

“We’ve Banned Oil Drilling” Confirms Taoiseach Cutting Ribbon For New Oil Licences

FRESH from his big important politician speech at the UN climate summit in New York where he pledged to end Ireland’s awarding of new oil licences, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke movingly for the need to protect the Earth’s fragile climate at a ribbon cutting ceremony for new oil excavation licences today. “Words are meaningless unless they provoke… Read more »

Taxing Regular People The Only Way To Save Planet

ACCORDING to measures laid out by the Irish government’s Climate Action Plan, people earning below and average wages are the planet’s only hope when it comes to fulfilling carbon emission targets and saving the environment. “We decided against going down the free transport route, it just made way too much sense,” said Minister for Climate Action… Read more »

Local Kids Won’t Shut Up About The Environment

ONE LOCAL Waterford father has put on record his annoyance at his children’s insistence that they be allowed partake in worldwide Climate Change protests, WWN can reveal. “Little pushy shits never shut up about the fucking environment,” confirmed John Legerty, who hasn’t been allowed put anything in a bin for years now without being asked… Read more »