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Sea Levels To Rise By 10 Inches, Displacing Millions & Causing Refugee Crisis Anyway Here’s Your MTV VMA Highlights

A NEW study has provided the starkest warnings yet about the accelerated damage climate change could do, with the melting of Greenland ice caps seeing a 10-inch rise in sea levels even if carbon emissions are reduced. In the case of carbon emissions continuing at current rates a multi-metre sea-level rise appears likely but anyway… Read more »

Glaciers Made Of Nothing These Days, Study Finds

NEWS that the world’s widest glacier is facing the threat of collapse has confirmed what many people have long believed; that those icy bitches ain’t shit no more. Once considered a formidable force of nature capable of withstanding the harshest conditions on the earth, the sudden ‘retreatment’ of the Thwaites Glacier is just another example… Read more »

“We Take Climate Change Seriously” Says Government Of Nation Covered In Data Centres

SEEKING to reassure the public after a damning UN backed IPCC report on climate change suggested drastic measures and decisive interventions must to made to avert decades of weather based catastrophes, the Irish government has said ‘hey, we got this’ despite the fact they’re rolling out the red carpet for resource sapping and emission generating… Read more »

Warm As Fuck These Days, Scientists Confirm

REPORTS of record-breaking temperatures from around the world from North America to Iraq has led scientists to confirm that their worst fears are being realised; it is, and will continue to be for some time, fierce warm out there. The spike in temperatures, which saw a rise in deaths in Canada as well as power… Read more »

We’re Just Using Greta Thunberg’s Image For Clicks Now

AFTER closely reviewing our engagement and click through conversion rates with our stats team, this publication is to just use Greta Thunberg’s image for ‘rage clicks’ now in the hopes of further generating our online advertising revenues, WWN can confirm. Admittedly, we could have used a headline that suggests she’s the voice of a generation, or indeed that she’s a… Read more »