’s Guide To Stirring Up Racism & Inciting Violence


ARE YOU PASSIONATE about posing as a news publication, and against all odds not being banned from social media platforms for outright lying about things in a bid to foster, encourage and facilitate vile racist fabrications which could one day be directly responsible for inciting racially motivated violence?

Well then you’ll need to grab a pen and paper (and if you’re a true follower, actually learn to read and write), take some notes and follow the lead of Ireland’s foremost cesspit of dishonesty and hatred.

Here’s how to stir up some lovely racism and incite violence, according to TheLiberal. ie:

Be racist and lie

Make up a story about an area noted for having diversity, for argument’s sake let’s say Tyrrelstown, and link it to an assault which occurred somewhere else. Have this story authored by a ‘journalist’ who is most definitely not a real person. Then have that not real journalist discuss something that didn’t happen, and in a bid to get more information on the incident which definitely didn’t happen, interview a person who definitely doesn’t exist.

Recap: lie.


Have your ‘source’, which again doesn’t exist, be an imaginary old person from Ireland and have him literally suggest the only course of action to resolve the issue of ‘big strong gangs of African youths’ (which do not exist) is to have the gardaí shoot these children and teenagers.

Read that back again

If you’re looking to incite violence against certain people it is advised to fabricate a quote and this is the important part; make sure to advocate police murdering children and confirm that this is the only way to stop the non-existent issue.

Recap: suggest murdering children from a specific ethnic background.

Run some fake competitions

This will help you build large followers on social media, freeing you up to then radicalise people into irrationally hating people based on the colour of their skin with a series of racially motivated lies you can call ‘articles’ while you also warn against people being radicalised by ISIS.

Pray to a white Jesus that no one reports such things to Facebook

Don’t worry, it sadly looks like this sort of stuff is allowed.