Waterford Parents Tragically Lose 12-Year-Old Son To Puberty


A COUNTY Waterford couple have asked friends and family to respect their wishes to be left alone at this time following the tragic loss of their 12-year-old son Michael to puberty, WWN can confirm.

It is understood that Trisha and Mark Golding discovered the terrible news Sunday afternoon when they suggested on bringing Michael and his younger sister to play in KidzWorld – a local entertainment centre for children of all ages – but were devastated to find the uninterested pre-teen opting instead to stay at home “to watch the football”.

“His voice was all deep and weird – I should have seen the warning signs,” recalls father, Mark, sobbing profusely over the sudden loss of their little boy. “He was always such a happy child and would have done anything for anybody. Now, he just sits there moping and watching TV all day like one of us”.

Rummaging through his old piles of Pokemon cards, Star Wars memorabilia and packing up his Ben Ten bed covers, Trisha Golding said she was not prepared for losing her young son in such a way and warned other parents to watch out for any tell tale signs.

“Last year Michael started locking his room door and I noticed hidden socks under his bed that were always damp to the touch,” she pointed out. “He would still make a baby voice whenever he wanted something, but in hindsight he was only doing that to get his own way,” adding, “I just need to get over the fact that my little boy is gone forever”.

Michael Golding leaves behind his eight year old sister Kylie and hundreds of euros worth of toys and used only once sports equipment.