Press This Button To Cancel Brexit


Action loading.

Connecting to European Commission servers.






You’ve done it, you have successfully cancelled Brexit! What relief you must be feeling. Don’t worry that sensation coursing through your body is called adrenaline, and that thing expanding out across your face where scowl used to be is called a ‘smile’.

What’s next?

Keep your phone fully charged Theresa, and make sure the ringtone is up full volume as the 27 EU member states will be ringing you later to sort out the small, insignificant details!

Then after all that nonsense is sorted, time for a well earned nap Theresa and maybe a bottle of wine or 10.

Stop pressing the button. Bloody hell, just the once will do. Don’t fret, pressing it once will suffice, you aren’t dreaming. This is really happening.

You can resign and everything, and fuck off into the sunset and let someone else deal with the insane asylum.

Okay press the button a few more times, who are we to rob you of this small sliver of joy.