News Articles On ‘Child Suicide Game’ Targeting Vulnerable Parents


VULNERABLE parents as young as 15 are being warned of the dangers of ‘clickbait’ style news articles designed to spread fear and panic around a self-harming game called ‘Momo’, WWN can confirm.

Experts have warned children that the majority of the news articles depict an image of a distorted woman with sensational headlines and can lure parents into a state of panic in a matter of seconds.

“If you see your parent reading such articles please reassure them that everything is going to be okay,” said chief executive of WebSafe Ireland, Thomas Jockey. “Parents may go temporarily insane and start searching through your devices and there may also be a period of time that your YouTube app will be deleted in exchange for the Kids YouTube app, but don’t worry; this is only temporary”.

The articles, which have now gone more viral than the game they’re covering thus exposing millions of children to something they had never heard of before, feature across all mainstream media platforms and are more or less worded in the same scaremongering style and come with thousands of naive comments from parents.

“I caught my mother searching through my iPad and had to have ‘the talk’ with her,” explains 7-year-old Saoirse Hogan from Lucan, “once you explain that you’re not that stupid as to go harm yourself over a stupid game, then they seem to calm down a bit,” adding, “Sure God bless their cotton socks, if they only knew the real life stuff online we’d be watching, they’d actually have reason to be scared”.