Last Known Tamogotchi Dies In The Wild


SUFFERING what vets on the scene have confirmed as chronic battery failure, the last know tamotchi has sadly died in the Etosha National Park, in Namibia.

“We were too late,” a disconsolate vet Anders Ahrens said, cradling the recently perished tamotchi in his arms, a study in profound grief.

It is believed Tolo the tamogotchi was the last remaining member of a herd of tamogotchis which had been chipped and monitored by the Namibian conservationists in late 2009. The conservationists believe the tracking device failed and Tolo was left bleeping constantly for days near a watering hole.

“Damn it. Damn it to hell, we tried to tell you all and you wouldn’t listen and now they’re gone forever. These beautiful creatures are gone,” Ahrens vented, his balled fist cast skywards.

Tamogotchis came to prominence in the late 90s as luxury pocket sized pets for spoiled children hailing from predominantly wealthy Western countries after David Attenborough’s celebrated BBC series on the lives of the animal.

“That’s right, you all came here to snack them away from their home, and now long after they’re ‘cool’, or aren’t the latest ‘fad’ we were left trying to keep them alive,” vet Ahrens raged, tears falling from his eyes.

Attempts to replace Tolo’s battery had proved fruitless and the 19 year old tamogotchi finally passed away after one last bleep and screen alert of ‘I’m hungry’.