Aid Team From Syria Arrives In Rural Ireland Offering Help


SHOCKED by images coming from rural towns and villages throughout Ireland a Syria-based charity has diverted all its efforts from the war-torn country to provide aid and alleviation from the dire conditions some rural Irish people are currently living in.

Assessing conditions on the ground, chief aid officer of Aiding Syria, Magda Carnegie, admitted things were even worse than she had first feared.

“Where have all the people gone?” Carnegie said, wiping a solitary tear from her eye as she surveyed what looked like an abandoned village.

After a day of scouting various areas and deciphering what is needed, Carnegie and her team went to work.

“We’re very experienced working in regions which have been completely ravaged, that seem to have no functioning government or anyone fighting for them and their dignity, their rights, and is clearly riddled with poverty and has an edge of lawlessness to it,” Carnegie explained.

In the most disturbing case encountered by Carnegie and her team, they met a 14-year-old boy who was still using dial up internet.

“All the rampant substance abuse used by locals to numb the pain however is relatively new to us, but will read up on it and help in any way we can,” Carnegie added, walking through a desolate landscape of closed shop fronts, closed post offices, closed garda stations and newly built road which completely bypassed the town.