Johnny Ronan Spotted Riding Celtic Tiger Down Dublin Quays


IRISH businessman and property developer Johnny Ronan was snapped casually riding on what appeared to be a Celtic Tiger down Dublin’s Sir John Rogerson’s Quay causing considerable traffic delays, WWN can confirm.

Heading in the direction of the city’s most expensive office and apartment blocks, Ronan could be heard speaking aloud on his phone as his heels nudged the green coated tiger towards his destination.

“It’s just like the good old days,” he shouted down the phone in the hopes the whole street could hear him, “yeah, just heading down to the site now on the good old Celtic Tiger – she’s a bit malnourished, but give her another few months and she’ll be back fighting better than ever before”.

As Ronan traversed the quays he passed by several Nama employees who dropped to their knees and saluted their former acquaintance.

“Ha-ha absolutely, they never fucking learn, do they?” he added, now winking at several scantily clad models who were now inexplicably following the 60-something-year-old down the quay. “Sure look, if we get another ten years out of this boom we’ll be laughing”.

Ronan dismounted the tiger at Grand Canal Dock and stared out at the metropolitan skyline as the cold winter wind struggled to part his greasy locks of black and grey hair.

“Johnny’s back kid; Johnny’s back in the game,” he told the city, before remounting the Celtic Tiger and galloping off into the sunset.