Average Person Spends 43% Of Life Watching ‘Friends’ Repeats


A RECENT STUDY has revealed that countless people are losing out on living a full and rewarding life thanks to spending a considerable portion of their lives locked into viewing repeats of episode after episode of popular sitcom Friends, WWN can confirm.

With the average person spending 43% of their lives watching Friends repeats, milestones, self-development and meaningful relationships suffer as a result.

“Friends in on everywhere you look, it’s on TV constantly, Netflix has it, I swear sometimes I can see it on the door of my microwave or just hear it in my head. It’s everywhere, it’s pursuit of me is relentless,” confirmed one woman who confessed to missing much of her childrens’ lives thanks to sitting down to just one more viewing of the power cut episode of the New York set show.

Friends marathons are often chosen by people over more rewarding life experiences such as getting up off the couch and doing something with your life, walks, art classes, reading, and socialising with actual friends.

Avid fans of the show have dismissed claims that the adventures of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler are a highly addictive substance as potent as heroin.

“Sure I can quote every episode in their exact order but can’t recall basic facts about history, Ireland, biology but what’s your point. Sure, I got fired for staying home to watch the We Were On A Break episode 19 times in a row but c’mon it’s Friends, a little bit can’t hurt,” confirmed one woman, who last watched a non-Friends repeat piece of television entertainment in 2004 when watching new episodes of the show as it completed its final series.