Irish Protesters To Train With French Protesters In Landmark Deal


A LANDMARK training and education scheme will see Irish protesters gaining some hands on experience on the ground in Paris, France, learning directly from the leading lights of the protesting world, the so-called ‘Yellow Jackets’.

The knowledge-sharing exercise could bring Irish protests into the modern protesting landscape that is 2018 and further help protesters achieve results in the area of housing shortages, health scandals, third level funding and justice and accountability in the Tuam Babies scandal.

“These French lads don’t fuck about, you want to hike up a fuel tax? Sorry, but they’re going to burn cars, thrash the Arc De Triomphe. We’ve a lot to learn and we’re looking forward to it,” confirmed one Irish housing protester, who admits the Irish government have never listened to their grassroots movements.

Donning yellow hi-vis jackets, Irish protesters will be assigned a French mentor and taken step by step through how to force a government to reverse a disagreeable policy and go running home with their tail between their legs.

“It’s great, on the one hand we’re learning a lot about the power of collective action and bargaining and on the other hand I now know how to set a car on fire that’s parked on a busy city centre road,” confirmed another Irish protester, who hopes to take the skills she learned today back home to Ireland.

While previous Irish protest movements brought an end to water charges, it has in recent years proved harder and harder to get the attention of the government on other issues affecting huge numbers of people.

It is not yet known if this training scheme will make an impact back home but TDs have already begun moving their cars into underground car parks but there are no plans to stop the public thrashing The Spire.