Drunk Man Who Vomited In Taxi Can’t Believe Taxi Driver’s Attitude


A LOCAL WATERFORD man is struggling to comprehend just where one taxi driver gets off talking to him like that, WWN can reveal.

Gary O’Neill (22) had spent the previous five minutes valiantly suppressing his urge to vomit everywhere before finally succumbing to the alcohol he voluntarily placed in his stomach over the last few hours as part of a night out with friends.

“It’s like he doesn’t even appreciate the effort I went to not to puke all over the back of the car, I missed the back windshield in fairness. He’s no fucking manners,” confirmed O’Neill as he wiped the remnants of what was once a kebab from his lips and stared vacantly at vomit pooling on the taxi’s seats, door handle and floor.

Taken aback and frankly offended by the harsh tone used by taxi driver Akin Okafor (41), O’Neill made sure Okafor was aware of how poor he was coming across and informed him he should consider an attitude change or O’Neill would advise friends and anyone who would listen not to use his service.

“Like, here I am getting sick. Not my fault, nothing I can do about it and he’s giving out. A bit of compassion wouldn’t hurt,” confirmed O’Neill, who went on to confirm he wouldn’t be ‘paying a fucking soilage charge, whatever the fuck that is’.

It is believed Okafor knows full well that the time and effort required to get O’Neill to pay for the damage would no doubt involve ringing the Gardaí and just wouldn’t be worth it in the end.

“Don’t think I won’t ring up the authorities, I have your Taxi ID, this is a disgrace,” confirmed O’Neill as he was left on the side of the road, some 18 minutes after first telling Okafor not to ‘use that tone with me’ and he should consider himself lucky to be allowed in Ireland in the first place.