“I Feel Your Pain” Brave Taoiseach Lives As Homeless Person For 60 Seconds


A HEARTWARMING gesture by the Taoiseach of the upper middle class of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, has seen the humble, down-to-earth and genuine man-of-the-people experience what it is like to be homeless for roughly 60 seconds, WWN can reveal.

The Taoiseach’s act of solidarity with the 10,000 homeless people on the streets as well as the other people the government removed from homeless stats in a bid to hide the fact the situation is getting worse has received wide spread praise.

“Wow,” confirmed one member of the public who’s tone suggested they didn’t quite mean it in the ‘wow, he really gets it’ way, however many people from the Taoiseach’s PR team have been paid to be moved to tears by his substantive stand with the homeless.

Placing himself in a seated position on the ground for 60 seconds with an empty mocha frappaccino cup in his hands, the Taoiseach went on to share his experience as a homeless person in a podcast with an online publication which targets the sort of people who fall for shit like this.

“I feel your pain, for I am one of you,” the Taoiseach said addressing homeless people in an exclusive posting to Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Kik, Bebo and MySpace.

Just what the Taoiseach’s decision to sit down for a minute means for Ireland’s housing crisis and the homeless is unclear but an aide close the Fine Gael described the experience as a revelation.

“It’s never been clearer to the Taoiseach that having now been homeless himself for 60 seconds, he’s never been more committed to finding a way to shift the narrative so it’s made sound like it’s really all just homeless people’s fault,” confirmed the aide.