The Irish Guide To Irish People It’s OK For Irish People To Like


THE 2019 edition of the Irish Celebrity Hit List is set to be released shortly, detailing those well-known Irish celebrities that are still in the public’s good books, and those who have outstayed their welcome and WWN has gotten a sneak peak!

Before we get into the list of who it’s OK to like, first let’s take a look at those celebs who were in good standing with the public, but have slid off the list since last year. We sort of tolerated them for a while, but from January 1st 2019, these fuckers are on the shit list instead of the hit list. And here’s why:

Katie Taylor

Too successful. A loss would have clipped her wings a bit, but nope, kept on winning. Plus that craic with her Da getting shot… yeah, Katie takes a tumble this year.

Conor McGregor

Seems the public were OK with the trolley-throwing and the shit talking and the claiming to be the best but then tapping out… but his Da going on about the change on the Dart did it for Conor this year.

Saoirse Ronan

Uh oh… seems Saoirse’s inability to pick an accent has done for her here. Also that SNL sketch, and yet another Oscar nomination? Successful, and made fun of Ireland? You’re out.

The Irish Rugby team

They beat the All-Blacks and now they think they think they’re fucking great

The Irish football team

They beat nobody and now we think they’re fucking shite

The Dubs

Four in a row? We’re over it.

Every other GAA team

Can’t even beat the damn Dubs.

Michael D Higgins

Fucking know-all.

Repeal the 8th campaigners

Too noisy.

These additions to the list join hated stalwarts such as U2, Enya, Bob Geldof, anyone who has ever featured on RTE television, any entrepreneur, politician, public figure, local character or puppet based comedy act, leaving the Irish list of Irish people that it’s alright for Irish people to like looking like this;

Gabriel Byrne is alright, we suppose.