Man Disguises Crushing Loneliness With ‘Fun Selfie’


A LOCAL man has attempted to disguise his crushing and continuing loneliness by taking one of those ‘fun selfies’ he has observed family, friends, coworkers and people he doesn’t even know taking and posting on social media.

James Cashin (27), who previously had no idea how lonely he was until he discovered how happy people try to look on Instagram, made sure to post a selfie of himself smiling while outdoors with a semi-amusing caption which masked how he was likely to be sitting at home, doing nothing this evening but scrolling through his Instagram feed.

Cashin has made no plans to add more fun selfies of himself faking having fun for the benefit of his followers, many of whom he hasn’t spoken to since school, but would not formally rule out the possibility.

“Depends on how much fun it looks like other people are having,” Cashin explained to WWN, fresh from not doing much except for constantly looking at what everyone on his social media feeds was up to and beginning to resent how they were clearly having an amazing time.

“Agh, look at Jane there, she was at the beach again yesterday,” Cashin said, seeing an Instagram post from someone he was in college with, completely unaware she had just jumped out of the car for two seconds to get the picture so her friends would think she’s living an enviable life.

Feeling a wave of malcontent wash over him, Cashin began looking around his apartment in a bid to find something worth photographing and sharing so people would like his photo, and by extension, like him.

Despite knowing how unhelpful such behaviour has been for himself, Cashin confirmed he’ll likely carry on doing it instead of clicking HERE.