Drivers Who Install Middle Aged Man With Clipboard To Get Insurance Discount


DRIVERS seeking cheaper car insurance can now avail of a new, state of the art system that can be installed into the front seat of their vehicles, WWN can confirm.

Motorists who are prepared to install a middle aged man with a clipboard will see as much as 40% discount on their cover, with the move put forward by Jaxa car insurers to cut down on fraudulent injury claims.

The dedicated man will be installed in the front passenger seat of the car and will take various notes while the customer is driving, and will give off a series of tuts anytime the driver breaks any of the rules of the road.

“Since installing the middle aged man with the clipboard into my car I’ve saved over €500 on my overall premium,” said happy Jaxa customer Daniela Casey. “He smells a bit weird and it does tend to get worse on hot days, but I’m really happy with him and he’s become part of the family at this stage – the kids and dog love him”.

“I’m also a provisional licence holder so having a fully licenced driver beside me all the time is essential for my day-to-day school runs”.

Middle aged men holding clipboards supplied by Jaxa insurance have a one off cost between €900 and €1499.

“The more expensive middle aged men holding clipboards will give advice on your driving and will passively listen to your conversations and will even laugh at your jokes,” Jaxa director Connal Roche explains, “while the cheaper version is just there to do his job and belittle your driving skills every now and then”.

Already 4,000 drivers have opted into the new system which is expected to be rolled out in full in January 2019.