How Bolsonaro Being Elected Will Affect Sarah From Cabra


WITH a resounding 55% of the vote share in Sunday’s elections in Brazil and a platform built on talk of a civil war against communists and outlandishly vile statements, Jair Bolsonaro has been on the receiving end of some severe criticism.

There has been widespread concern expressed by many Irish people about just what this means, with Sarah from Cabra chief among the number of citizens shocked to their core after giving him a quick Google and left with no option but to tweet at length about how terrible this result is.

In a bid to see how Bolsonaro’s elevation to the highest office in Brazil will affect Sarah, WWN Politics dived head first into the pressing issues and the Cabra native’s now 300 strong online posts about him:

1) Legislation to Repeal the 8th Amendment is still progressing through the Dáil, should Sarah email her local TDs urging the necessary amendments to the Bill or should she tweet “you fascist prick” to Bolsonaro’s Twitter account? These are dangerous times so a tweet could be the match that lights the fire and ensures Bolsonaro doesn’t dilute abortion laws in Ireland.

2) With her apartment block in NAMA and newly sold to a US based vulture fund that doesn’t pay tax in Ireland, Bolsonaro could further alter Irish tax legislation to line the pockets of these companies. The bastard. The recent tax cut for landlords was likely his brainchild and not Sarah’s local TD, minister for finance, Paschal Donohoe.

3) Sarah’s Brazilian co-worker voted for Bolsonaro, this disgusting turn of events will mean Sarah will have to quickly look up something about Brazilian history on Wikipedia before telling her co-worker how wrong they are. This will rob Sarah of 20 minutes of her day.

4) Sarah’s old school is likely to close due safety concerns around building work carried out in recent years, it would be foolish to lobby the government and join civil society groups aimed at getting clear, straight answers over the tendering process. Especially when it was Bolsonaro all along.

5) Bolsonaro is in charge of the world’s 7th largest economy with vast oil reserves, and has indicated he has little time for climate change action, which makes the Irish government’s recent decision to drill offshore for gas and oil a real finger in the eye for Sarah. How could Bolsonaro do that?

6) News that the mass grave in Tuam will be exhumed and the remains of all children identified was warmly welcomed. However upon closer inspection, it was Bolsonaro and not the Irish government that made the decision not to carry out inquests and find the causes of death and not to treat the grave site like the crime scene it is.

The decision to seek €2.4 million towards the cost of exhumation and burial from the Bon Secours order without revealing the logic and rationale behind reaching that exact figure is likely to have been Bolsonaro’s decision too. No wonder Sarah is so vocal about her distaste for the man.