Greenland Announce ‘Iceberg 2’ To Coincide With Titanic II


WITH TITANIC II set to sail in 2022 thanks to Australian company Blue Star Line, Greenland has officially announced it too will attempt to recreate the tragic voyage by launching Iceberg II to coincide with the maiden voyage between Southampton and New York City.

The Titanic replica will boast modern day amenities and will have much more up-to-date safety features and navigation technology, but will it be a match for Greenland’s 21st century bergs?

“Due to global warming the new iceberg may not be as sturdy as the one that struck the Titanic over 100 years ago,” explains global warming expert Professor Martin Kessington of Oxford University, England, “so Greenland will have to choose Iceberg 2 very carefully if they want to recreate the catastrophe and drown over 1,500 passengers”.

Taking the advice on board, the company behind Greenland’s replica, Icebergs R’ Us, confirmed they will encase this century’s cruise ship sinker with titanium steel, which they believe will tear a large enough hole in the bow of the ship to complete the mission.

“We will also attach propellers to the bottom of iceberg in case we need to guide it into the path of Titanic II to ensure maximum carnage,” Icebergs R’ Us CEO Charlie Aglukkaq stated.

Blue Star Line also confirmed that Titanic II will be launched with only three lifeboats on-board to accommodate first class passengers only.