“At Least They’re Not Angry About That Famine We Caused”


AS THEY continue to bumble their way through explaining to an outraged international community how they accidentally premeditated the torture and execution of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, King Salman and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman have been relieved to discover world leaders are less vexed by the bloodshed and famine they’re carrying out in Yemen.

Bombing key sources of agricultural cultivation in Yemen, the Saudi royal family are orchestrating a soon to be irreversibly catastrophic famine in warn torn Yemen, likely resulting in the deaths of millions, however, crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is counting his lucky stars the heat remains on the callous and evil murder of Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey.

“Imagine, how annoyed and outraged everyone would be if they got word of all those war crimes in Yemen, jeez, we would be in serious trouble then,” said Prince Bin Salman of the routine bombing of Yemen, aided by the multi-billion dollar purchase of US and UK arms.

While the Saudis are unhappy at the scrutiny they’ve been placed under as a result of Khashoggi’s murder, they’re spirits remain high thanks to no one taking them to task on a now two year old famine.

“The threat of sanctions, expelling of diplomats, all for one journalist. Shit me, imagine what trouble we’d be in for systematically orchestrating the starvation of a whole country? The consequences, which we definitely aren’t going to suffer, don’t bare thinking about,” added Bin Salman as he took in the crowds at the Future Investment Intiative summit in Riyadh.

While some high profile CEOs pulled out of the summit after Khashoggi’s murder and not before the slaughter in Yemen, they are expected to make a swift return with their cheque books once the media’s glare fades away.