Sinn Féin’s Budget Proposals Include Tax On Being Taxed


IRELAND’S only functional opposition party have put forth their alternative budget proposals ahead of the Government’s impending unveiling of Budget 2019 and some of Sinn Féin’s proposed measures have raised eyebrows among voters.

While there were plenty of reasonable proposals, the suggestion that Sinn Féin would impose an extra tax on being taxed has drawn some criticism.

“I’m sorry but the rich have gotten away with it for too long, under Sinn Féin if you have the misfortune of qualifying for any taxation, you will be taxed for that again, it’s common sense,” confirmed one Sinn Féin spokesperson.

“Do you think taxing the rich costs the State nothing? We have to pay for that cost, and the obvious way is to place a tax on top of that tax, we’re calling it the Tax Tax on Taxable Tax, and that tax will only hit millionaire high earners whose household earns €140,000 or more,” added the spokesperson, who just won’t stop saying the word ‘tax’.

Sinn Fein’s proposals include an extra €1 billion for social housing which would go a long way to providing a solution to Ireland’s current housing crisis, however some issues remain according to experts.

“The small print in the proposals say something about ‘taxing breathing’ and a 100% tax on disposable income and happiness,” explained one tax expert, “I’m not saying it won’t work but I have my doubts”.