Women Don’t Fully Understand Mansplaining, Finds Study


RESULTS from a newly published study have revealed a staggering number of women don’t fully understand mansplaining and need it explained to them again because they are wrong about it.

‘Mansplaining’ mischaracterised as a man explaining something, often unsolicited, to a woman in a condescending manner, is not fully understood by as much as 92% of the female population.

“Many of the women who partook in the study involuntarily were sat down by myself and my colleagues and told that an effort to explain something was not condescending but in fact a fair and reasonable attempt to insist they were just plain wrong,” explained head of the study, Professor Martin Yulin.

“You’d be amazed how many women didn’t get it, seriously, I tried to explain again a different way, how they were taking me up the wrong way but would they listen?” added Yulin’s colleague, Greg Steinman.

“Ha, tell me about it. Like taking to an attractive and beautiful brick wall,” added another member of the team behind the study, Paul Olsen.

The discovery that women don’t understand the helpful interjections of men with superior knowledge and understanding of any and all subject, events and disciplines will trouble many people.

“God, that’s shocking. I don’t know if perhaps there’s a way to help them grasp mansplaining and really nail down its meaning and intention. I’ll make sure to take some extra time out of my day to properly explain it to the women in my life,” confirmed one man, Alan Mannigan, who spoke with WWN earlier today.