5 Subtle Signs Your Neighbour Has Won The Lotto


SO YOUR neighbour has only gone and won the bloody Lotto! The jackpot! The whole shabang! Well… at least according to your hunch now that they’ve finally gone and got their car washed. What splendid luxury they have now surrounded themselves in!

You’re convinced they went with the ‘deluxe’ option too which includes a free go of a vacuum for the inside of the car as well. Gah, these people really do live the life of a newly minted millionaire. So, you’ve clearly established they’ve won big, but what other subtle signs are there that can confirm beyond reasonable doubt they bagged a cool €1,000,000 playing Lotto Plus? WWN is on hand to help:

1) A new haircut

Way to flaunt their new found wealth. I mean, you always knew they liked the finer things in life, but talk about declaring you’ve won the Lotto, for all to see. Short, back AND sides.

2) One of those welcome mats for the front door

You went over to borrow some milk, well at least that was your cover for having a good gawk at the house, but there it was, yet more evidence of their big win. The mat said ‘Hi, I’m Mat’ which you have to give them that, it’s funny.

3) New air freshener dangling from their car mirror

Well, just as we were beginning to doubt you were reading too much into all this. ‘Alpine Fresh’? Might as well be called ‘millionaire’s mist’, honestly, who has the money to buy a second car freshener after buying the first one 9 years ago?

4) Painted the garden shed

Painting a garden shed green? Instead of just leaving it the way you bought it? Have you ever heard of such notions from a millionaire? We’ll have to wait until the cover of darkness to scramble over the garden wall to see if they varnished it as well, but I think we all know the answer to that question.

5) Bought a diamond encrusted speed boat

Sorry for doubting you, yeah, it looks like might be onto something.