Compensation For 9/11 Families To Be Included In All Future Saudi Arms Deals


IN AN effort to mark the 17th anniversary of  September 11th, US President Donald Trump vowed to include enough money to compensate the families of the 2,996 victims in all future arms deals with the perpetrators of the attack.

Speaking at a memorial service in Pennsylvania today, Mr. Trump promised to “punish Saudi Arabia very hard” for conspiring to plan and fund the attack on American, by continuing to sell them $350 billion dollars worth of military hardware over the next ten years.

“Fair is fair,” the US president began, “I’ll make sure to charge those Arabs a million or two extra for what they did to our country. It’s a great deal, probably one of the best in our nation’s history. Saudi Arabia will think twice before ever trying to cross our great country ever again.

“You’re welcome, America,” he added.

The deal, which was brokered in 2017, includes tanks, combat ships, missile defence systems, as well as radar, communications, cyber security technology and refuelling of all Saudi aircraft by US refuelling planes while they carry out air strikes on Yemen.

“There is no way they would attack us with our own weapons,” Mr. Trump attempted to put fears to rest, forgetting how the Saudi government turned a blind eye to the funding of the 11 Saudi terrorists who hijacked US planes and used them as weapons, “they’re way too busy bombing thousands of men, women and children in Yemen at the moment to even think about another attack”.

“And besides, they really love our weapons, we make the best ones,” he finished.