All Local Man Needs Is The Word ‘Migrant’ In Headline To Piss Him Off


ONE LOCAL man need only see the word ‘migrant’ in the headline or byline of a news story in a newspaper or online article to set his considerable temper flaring, sparking off lengthy rants, WWN can confirm.

Cian O’Dreely (49) often scans various news apps he has on his phone as well as the local paper on any given day, noting privately in his head with considerable disgust the presence of the word ‘migrant’ in any story.

Regardless of what information the headline relays to O’Dreely, the Waterford man admitted to just becoming unbelievably pissed off, often finding himself gritting and grinding on his teeth for several seconds before eventually calming down.

“Ah, I mellow out after a minute or two of ranting about how they should all be left to drown at sea. You know, normal person stuff,” explained the loving father of three children.

Intriguingly, O’Dreely somehow finds the uplifting news items in which migrants are reportedly doing ‘well’, ‘contributing positively to society’, ’embracing Irish culture’ or ‘merely existing’ to be more enraging than all other types of stories, although, he has failed to articulate why.

“Haha, yeah, I don’t know myself now but I just fucking hate seeing stories about them doing well. You know, just ruins my fucking day. I suppose, I’m normal like that,” confirmed O’Dreely, who has actually had no direct interactions with people he believes to be migrants that hasn’t ended with him volleying abuse at them.

WWN abruptly concluded the interview right after O’Dreely screamed ‘for fuck sake’ after catching site of a headline which revealed Ireland is set to take in 20 migrants currently stranded on a vessel off the Italian coast.