BREAKING: The Absolute State Of Róisín’s Outfit Today


OFFICE GOSSIPS have confirmed beyond reasonable doubt the absolute state of Róisín’s outfit, WWN can confirm with further claims being made that she may have gotten dressed in the dark.

Garments worn by employees at Hartlin & Lynnhart Associates is rarely the focus of attention among the 50-strong workforce at the company, however, many today aren’t entirely sure what Róisín was at when dressing herself this morning.

“Was she in a rush?” queried one co worker, who noted the lack of accessories on Róisín’s outfit. Not a single, watch, bracelet or broach adorned her outfit, showcasing concrete evidence of the absolute state of her.

“Oh, oh or has she gone for a minimalist thing? No, it’s too plain for that”.

Most incriminatingly Róisín has still failed to embrace the resurgence of gaudy 90s fashion, despite being told repeatedly by the self-appointed fashion police at work that such style are ‘in’ again.

“It’s just a t-shirt and trousers, that’s it? That’s all she had?” confirmed one coworker, further implying Róisín was unaware that not only did she have to do her job, she must do it while looking like she stepped off the cover of a magazine which repeatedly claims you can have it all.

Disturbing details later emerged suggesting Róisín’s bag, shoes and coat didn’t seem to give her outfit a definitive ‘look’ with it failing to fit into a ‘chic’, ‘casual chic’ or ‘casually casual’ category.

When Róisín was approached for comment by WWN, the unhinged woman spoke in tongues and didn’t make any sense.

“They’re just clothes, relax,” a deluded Róisín claimed.