Couple To Try For 2nd Child After Forgetting How Much Of A Nightmare They Can Be


A LOCAL Dublin couple have been openly expressing a desire to have a second child now that their first and only child is 6 years of age, and all clear memories of how much a nightmare newborns, infants and toddlers can be have been forgotten, WWN has learned.

Mark Bollans and Patricia Harlihy, both 34, have excitedly told friends and family that they will be riding like rabbits in the coming months in a bid to conceive, now that memories of the torment of not sleeping for the first two years of their son Michael’s life, have faded to the point they are openly looking forward to going through hell again.

“It will be nice for Michael to have a little brother or sister and we’re ready to have another one,” the couple beamed, unaware that their amnesia from a time when Michael was crying screaming night after night will come back to bite them. Further evidence has suggested Patricia has convinced herself she enjoys the chronic morning sickness and hair loss endured during her first pregnancy.

Sources close to the couple have gone on record with WWN and explained how they tried to appeal to the couple, repeating back to the couple things they once said of looking after a child who’s only job seemed to be reducing his exhausted parents to a stressed out catatonic state.

“I said ‘are you fucking mad?’ to them and then just smiled and laughed like Mark wasn’t on the phone to me every week begging I babysit as all I could hear in the background was demonic wailing. I don’t know how, but they’re minds have somehow tricked them into thinking that was a grand old walk in the park,” friend of the family, Aoife Pollard told WWN.

Unaware of how much of a nightmare he was as a child, Michael has greeted news of a new addition to the family with excitement, clearly unaware that his annual birthday and Christmas present fund will henceforth be cut in half.