Statue Of Liberty Converted Into Prison For Immigrant Children


QUICK THINKING US Government officials have found a solution to the growing problem of finding somewhere to intern immigrant children who have been purposefully separated from their parents by US border officials, WWN can reveal.

The Statue of Liberty, a New York tourist attraction which has no larger symbolic significance to the history of immigration in America will be hastily converted into a prison for children who crossed the border into the country illegally.

“It’s a tall, imposing and iconic structure and this great country of ours has not used it properly in the past. Some say it looks too welcoming, too hopeful and we need to change that, with a little upgrade and additional barbed wire how many kids could you stuff in that thing, thousands?” one Trump administration official enthusiastically stated.

“These children crossed the border with their parents to rape rich white middle class women and steal your 401k, this is the only option,” added the official in response to over 458 unanswered questions from assembled media. The official then went on to explain how Germany doesn’t exist anymore because crazed immigrants destroyed it, leaving a large crater where it once sat.

Asked if they would utilise the hospital on nearby Ellis Island to look after the welfare of the children, government officials confirmed they were aware the facility had a morgue.

The plight of young children being separated from their parents, with no indication they will be reunited at any point, has caused many in America to grow concerned about the direction their country is going in under the current administration.

“Hang on, the Statue of Liberty is owned and administered by the federal government, so I guess I’m just worried…how can shady businesses make money then by imprisoning these kids if there’s no contracts for building new child prisons to go around?” one concerned citizen queried.