Zidane Resigns As Madrid Manager After Completing Football


REAL MADRID, Juventus and France legend Zinedine Zidane has resigned as manager of Real Madrid after successfully completing the game of football.

A hattrick of Champions League wins for the Zidane managed Madrid, coupled with his own successes as a player which include winning the World Cup and headbutting some prick in another final, proved to be the final achievement unlocked paving the way for a successful 100% completion of football.

“As a player, he was exceptional, a sorcerer with the ball. And no one can argue with his managerial record over a short period of 3 sublimely successful seasons,” one football expert confirmed when he learned of the shock resignation earlier today, deciding not to mention the headbutt thing.

Citing the demands and pressures of a game he had no real need to continue playing since completing it, Zidane made his decision public and left little or no hint as to what the future holds.

Fans of the most decorated team in European football history were quick to praise the Real Madrid club legend, clearly shocked by the news.

“He should have gone earlier, been fired even, he hadn’t won a trophy since Saturday. Cristiano should go next, no goal in the final? A disgrace,” remarked one Madrista, whose voice was still horse from screaming relentlessly at his team’s players after they made several misplaced passes in the last few minutes of Saturday’s final.