Leaving Cert Student Has Nightmare Where He’s Doing Leaving Cert


WATERFORD teenager Mike Meelan has awoken with a start this morning, following a hectic, stressful dream where he was at school on the eve of his Leaving Cert having failed to adequately prepare for his exams, until the crushing sense of hopelessness and anxiety forced the youngster to wake himself before he wet the bed in sheer dread.

Dreams of doing the Leaving Cert are one of the most common stress dreams among Irish people, with other similar night terrors including being naked in a large crowd of people, leaving the immersion on while going on holidays, or not being able to ascertain who is bringing the horse to France.

However, unlike most people who wake from a panic-dream about not being prepared for the Leaving Cert, 17 and 3/4 year old Meelan woke from his dream right into the same sense of hopelessness and dread, after realising that his actual Leaving Cert is only around the corner.

“If you have a dream where you’re being eaten by an eel, at least you don’t wake up with a fucking eel in your bed,” sighed Meelan, who has to condense 14 years of school into one two-week blast.

“My dream last night felt so real; I could see the paper in front of me, none of the questions made any sense, nothing I’d studied was on the paper, I could turn to nobody for help. I know it felt real, because that’s how I feel every second of the day. I just can’t wait for this to be over so I can dedicate myself to a life of drinking heavily anytime I get this sense of anxiety and pressure again”.

Meelan then showed up at his school without his trousers on, but that one is really on him.