Face Transplant Patient To Sue Surgeons Over Botched Operation


A RUSSIAN man who had lost his face after a horrific motorcycle accident has announced that he is to sue the team of surgeons responsible for his failed face transplant attempt.

Alexandr Zhitnyuk underwent a 17 hour operation late last year, only to awaken with his eyes looking directly at his chin in the mirror and his mouth protruding out of his forehead.

“Muhf ah mur mef ar mer mo,” the 47-year-old explained, with a translator saying that he is going to sue the Moscow based team of specialists for everything they’ve got, “mow ma me moo mis, mo mo me mate mom me,” he then added, which translated ‘how can they do this, look at the state of me!’.

The €2.3mn procedure was apparently the first of its kind in Russia and gained vast media exposure throughout the federation before the story fell suddenly silent, in what some critics are saying is a coverup.

“Obviously this is the last thing we wanted to have happened,” said lead surgeon Yuri Legro, who insisted on taking full responsibility for the botched operation.

“Was the operation a success? In a way, yes. Was his face the right way up? Maybe not. But it is better than having no face? Certainly, yes”.

In their defence, lawyers for the surgical team pointed to the donor of the face, an Australian man, stating: “Obviously the team got their hemispheres mixed up and thought down was up, and up was down”.