5 Things You Can’t Put In Your Green Bin


LIKE them or not, new recycling charges are here. With customers now being charged a fee for their green bins as well as their standard household refuse, it’s time to take a look at how you can keep your amount of lifts down to a minimum, by ensuring that you use your recycling bin in an effective, economic fashion. Here’s a few things you don’t put in your green bin:

1) Paper packaging

This might sound strange… paper is recyclable, so it goes in the green bin, surely? True, but paper is also compostable, so you can save space in your green bin (and money in your pocket) by throwing pizza boxes, paper bags, paper napkins and even newspapers in your brown bin.

2) Dread

Oh, we understand. We’d love to wrap out anxieties and fears up in a plastic bag and leave them out on the kerb every second Monday, but we’re afraid they just don’t go in the green bin.

3) Doubt

We all have our doubts, ‘am I making enough money to support my family?’, ‘are people who are nice to me doing it solely for their own benefit?’, ‘have I wasted my life?’. We’d love to tell you that you can ease all your doubts by just throwing them in the green bin and then getting on a chair and like, climbing into the bin and trampling them all down and then throwing in a load more rubbish and then trampling that down too… but you can’t.

4) Ian 

Ugh, Ian. You could do better than him, you know? But every time you get rid of him, he just keeps smarming his way back into your life, usually when you’ve had a few glasses of wine on a Saturday night and you’re feeling lonely and you know you shouldn’t answer the texts he sends at 2 in the morning but you do, every time you give in and you do, you answer his text and then you wake up next to him the next morning wondering what the fuck you’re doing with your life, why are you still at this shit, come on now, you’re nearly 35 and everyone else has settled down and you’re still letting this asshole into your life. He’ll never change! You’d love to throw him in the green bin! But no, sorry, he’s not recyclable.

5) Old kettles

And other such small electrical goods. Drop them up to Power City, they’ll take them for you.