Dad Assures Kids That Mr. Horsey Is Just Asleep


LOCAL man Ian Ferrell has spent the morning convincing his little boy that the dead horse lying on the green across from their house is in fact sleeping because ‘he’s very, very tired’.

Ferrell was woken this morning by his son, who had taken a shine to the horse which was being kept in a field near their inner-city housing estate by a group of local youths, who used the animal for sulky races on the roads around the area. 5-year-old Liam Fennell roused his dad to tell him that he thought there was something wrong with the animal, which was now lying in a heap on the side of the road, tongue hanging out of its mouth, covered in flies.

“Is he tired because he was running around with the boys in the cart, Dadda?” asked little Liam, who isn’t allowed outside until the men who work in the horse hotel come and take Mr. Clop-Clop to a bed where he can sleep properly.

“That’s right, he’s just very sleepy at the minute, so he had to have a lie down,” said his Dad, wondering when is the right time to talk to his young son about what happens when animals get very sick and die.

“Will he get food at the horse hotel Dadda? He’s been getting very skinny since the boys first brought him to the field,” wondered the child.

“Come away from the window, Liam, there’s a good boy”, said he father, while reporting the local youths to the ISPCA.