Local Woman Likes To Relax With Podcast About Grisly Murders


WATERFORD woman Shelley Kinston has admitted that her favourite way to relax in the evenings is to get the kids to bed as early as possible, make a nice cup of tea, curl up on the sofa and listen to a podcast discussing the most gruesome unsolved murders in the history of dead people.

School teacher Kinston, 32, has also revealed that she listens to her favourite podcast, ‘Murderfied: The Murdering Of Murder Victims’, while traveling to and from work on the bus every morning, as well as when she’s on yard duty at lunchtime.

Offering no explanation as to why listening to a podcaster interview the grieving families of the deceased, Kinston enthusiastically talked us through the most recent episode of the hit show, using frequent use of the phrase ‘fucking blood everywhere’.

“I’ve got my stuff done for the day, there’s a big wash on… time to listen to re-enactments narrated by the real officers who found the dismembered girls strewn around the apartment of the as-yet-uncaptured Wisconsin hatchet murderer,” Kinston said, sighing with contentment.

“I hope it’s as good as last week’s episode, where they talked in great detail with an actual serial killer right before he was sent for execution. Just me, a glass of wine, the husband watching some rubbish on his phone, the lights down, the kids in bed, and an hour and a half of audio misery… this, for some reason, is my happy place, well, apart from the Squarespace ads”.

Kinston also listens to ‘Killing Time: The Killings That Shocked The World, By The Killers Themselves’, but claims that the nearly-identical podcast is ‘not as fun’.