Belfast Woman Discovers Catholic Church May Not Hold Women In High Regard


A 66-YEAR-OLD Belfast woman is said to have been left in shock after discovering the Catholic Church has, to put it mildly, an atrocious record when it comes to the treatment of women.

“Who knew?” remarked Mary McAleese, a 66-year-old retired president, after somehow finding herself down Wikipedia wormhole late last night while half watching an episode of EastEnders that was on the telly.

Repeatedly straining her eyes and adjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose as she searched entries on Wikipedia which detailed the Catholic Church’s attitudes to women, McAleese gasped before exclaiming “huh, the more you know”.

“We can’t be certain, but this might be the first instance in the history of the world whereby someone has concluded that maybe the Catholic Church has systematically discriminated against women, and might not hold their best interests at heart,” explained stating the obvious expert Dr. Leonard Cloggin.

“We’ve only ourselves to blame since the evidence and reporting on such things are so scant and scarce,” confirmed Dr. Cloggin.

“This Belfast woman, will likely completely lose her shit if she ever reads the report her husband wrote about Magdalene Laundries, a report which was widely criticised for not properly investigating claims, not going far enough and for not listening to victims,” concluded Dr. Cloggin.

In response to the pointed criticisms the Catholic Church has received in the wake of McAleese’s discovery one local man fought back with a flawless defense of the Church’s record by saying “but what about Islam?”