Dave Still Rocking The Man Bun 4 Years Later


DESPITE being told he looked like a ‘complete and utter sap’ more times than he cares to remember, Waterford man Dave Hinnings is still rocking a man bun, a full four years after it never in style or cool to begin with.

Impervious to pleas from people who claim the sight of his man bun makes them physically repulsed, Dave (34) has persisted with a tightly and unartfully tied bun which sits above his head, only occasionally flopping about if he reaches speeds in excess of 2kph.

“Ah, yeah it’s grand, probably going to keep it,” Dave informed friends some 4 years ago, and the struggling musician and model remains true to his word.

“You have to hand it to him, we slagged him non stop when he first grew it. Gave him dogs abuse, and he’s kept it, he must really have no self respect,” explained long time Dave’s man bun insulter, Trevor Quinn.

The staying power attributed to Dave and his hideous man bun has impressed many observers who have a grudging respect for anyone willing to carry on a trend long after its heyday.

“It’s just like the punks and the goths man. Dave’s out there, happy to be defined by that one thing, no matter how much we all snigger at him behind his back as well as in front of it, directly to his face,” confirmed trend expert Philip Brommand.

Meanwhile, Dave, who has never let his hair free of the shackles on an elasticated hair band for more than 5 minutes, is wondering if anyone has a spare hair tie.