Moon Just Showing Off At This Stage


SCIENTISTS at US space agency NASA have confirmed that the moon which will display a ‘rare super blue blood moon’ this evening is just showing off at this stage and is just looking for attention.

“Ah, honestly, don’t look at it. That’s exactly what it wants,” confirmed one NASA official, who also remarked “what even is a super blue blood moon, the shit that thing comes up with sometimes, honestly, what a spoofer”.

The moon, historically known as a complete show off, will attempt to draw people’s attention away from their daily lives in a bid to bask in the glow of being stared at.

“Oh, it full on gets off on stuff like this, don’t doubt that for a second. If you look, you’re playing right into its hands,” added another NASA official who then pointed to a chart of the solar system and added “there’s like at least 3 other things in the sky at night that you could stare at, the moon doesn’t want you to know that”.

The super blue blood moon will be visible in clear skies above Australia, Asia, parts of the US and Eastern Europe.

“Yeah, notice there’s no love for South America or Africa, that tells you all you need to know about the moon,” a third NASA employee added, who is just sick of the moon pulling these stunts at this stage.

The phenomenon will not occur again until 2037, but NASA has insisted that the public can’t take the moon at its word on these things.