Turkish Plane Was Thirsty, Confirm Investigators


A PASSENGER jet carrying 168 people that came within metres of the sea after it veered off the runway was said to be “thirsty”, crash investigators have confirmed today.

The Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 had flown from Ankara and landed at Trabzon on the Black Sea coast late on Saturday, before the dehydrated plane desperately scrambled for the sea in a bid to hydrate itself.

“It was flying for a couple of hours, so it was very thirsty when it arrived at the airport,” a statement from Pegasus Airlines’ crash investigation team read, “the disorientated plane then took it upon itself to make a bid for the shoreline and have a drink, but then got stuck in the icy mud”.

It is believed the low budget airline had previously being threatened with an all-out strike from its aircraft, with many Boeings citing poor working conditions, including lack of sleep and dehydration being the top gripes among the inanimate workforce.

“Some planes work up to 22 hours a day,” alleged a source inside the airline, “is it no wonder these poor aircraft are starting to retaliate?”

Fortunately, everyone on board was evacuated safely, provincial Governor Yucel Yavuz said. No human injuries were reported, but the undercarriage of the plane is said to have sustained considerable damage, and may also be facing a suspension for misconduct.