Check Out These Amazing Blue Monday Offers!


IT’S finally here! January 15th, Blue Monday! Widely believed to be the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday has for years been synonymous with mental health awareness and suicide prevention… and now, savings!!!

Thanks to the free exposure and reach that can be attained by piggybacking the hashtag BLUEMONDAY, brands across the world are seizing the opportunity to get some of that sweet mental health dollar, and you the consumer can save, save, save!

Following the success that multi-national corporations and big brands have had by ‘sponsoring’ events such as Gay Pride, the next logical step is to jump on that suicide prevention train and really, really make a difference to their core consumer base while building brand loyalty and earning some CSR points to boost their KPI, on a YOY basis.

Here’s the best Blue Monday deals we could find:

1) Save 10% on dining in when you order online at, by using the offer code BLUEMONDAY. Eat them blues away!

2) Feeling suicidal? How about a 55″ UHD 3D TV for just €799, offer available for today and today only, to the first 30 people through the doors at branches of TV World around the country. You can’t be depressed when you’ve got a UHD telly! It’s not possible!

3) It’s important that you contact loved ones if you’re feeling depressed or suicidal. That’s why 4OUR are offering free calls, texts and data on the latest range of smartphones, when you sign up to their Happiness plan, only €67 a month on a 48 month contract when you apply online at Hurry!

And these are just a fraction of the savings you can make today, if you’re not crippled by anxiety and unable to leave your bed and face the world. But remember, if you miss out today, you’ll have to wait for companies to find the next hashtag to glom onto before you can buy up a bunch of stuff you didn’t know you needed. Spend!