Nation Falls For The Old ‘Controversial Guest’ Routine From The Late Late


DESPITE usually knowing better than to fall for such things, the Irish public has fallen into RTÉ’s tried and trusted ‘controversial guest’ trap by becoming engaged and enraged by the news that former White House press secretary Sean Spicer will appear on the station’s Late Late Show this Friday.

The collective blood pressure of a large proportion of Irish people rose to worryingly high levels, much to the delight on the RTÉ press office who were concerned the public wouldn’t fall for this tired routine yet again.

Spicer, best known for being paid to continuously lie in front of cameras to the American people, will be asked how much he likes Guinness by host Ryan Tubridy this Friday evening with many viewers tuning in after being successfully baited.

“Yes, it’s working!” celebrated one intern in the RTÉ press office who was carefully monitoring key search words relating to Sean Spicer and the Late Late Show on Twitter and Facebook.

“It’s a disgrace that our licence fee goes towards paying for and interviewing a fascist enabling, spineless excuse for a person,” shared one Irish Twitter user, who fell for RTÉ’s ploy hook, line and sinker.

RTÉ are said to be mulling over inviting Nigel Farage on the Late Late in the coming weeks to tell viewers how Ireland should leave the EU, following similar segments ‘in the public interest’ featuring Mel Gibson and Katie Hopkins.

It is believed Spicer intends to promote a book he wrote about his time in the White House which isn’t allowed within a mile of a lie detector test for fear it will explode.