Comedian Refuses To Retire Lazy & Offensive Nigel Farage Character


Considerable public pressure has been placed on the comedian behind the once popular but now sadly outdated Nigel Farage character.

The incorrigible escapades of the anti-immigrant xenophobe once popular in bygone era have long been labeled lazy and offensive with TV stations under pressure to cancel all productions which intend on featuring the creation.

Dave Waltham, a 67-year-old comedian, had found success with his zany and morally bankrupt Farage character, but audiences are now demanding he retire the character as each attempt at trying to mine comedic value out of Farage labeled as ‘desperate and sad’.

“I think people enjoyed the Nigel character when they sort of recognised some bit of a real person in him, but now Dave’s latest storyline involving him refusing to give up his EU MEP pension despite hating everything the EU stands for, it just isn’t realistic,” Steve Coogan, performer and writer, and one time co-writer of Farage, an exaggerated caricature of a bumbling and craven idiot, explained to WWN.

Appearing in character on the Andrew Marr Show, Waltham also used his offensive character to defend Donald Trump’s endorsement of videos circulated by far-right hate group Britain First, presumably to drum up ticket sales for his upcoming tour.

“While I appreciate it’s supposed to be funny because no one in their right mind would defend such a thing, it is now at this point just a blatant attempt to cause offense and no artistic merit remains,” arts critic Bernard Grant shared.

Despite calls to bring an end to the redundant character, Waltham is set to tour Farage throughout Britain via TV interviews, newspaper columns, radio shows and live events to fewer and fewer numbers.