Waterford Man Not Sure If You Are Aware, But He’s Living In New York At The Moment


A WATERFORD MAN, currently living in New York, has expressed his considerable worry at the possibility that you might not know he’s actually living in New York at the minute, WWN can confirm.

Cathal Frelihy, original from Dungarvan, has been in the Big Apple since October and although he is enjoying his new digs and surroundings, he is fearful a few people may still be unaware of this fact.

Frelihy had gone on an extensive farewell tour of Waterford to inform anyone who was within earshot that he was off to New York, but remains unsure people knew that such conversations meant he was, actually, going, to New York like.

“I mean you can update Instagram with selfies 15-20 times a day, you can have endless Snapchat stories, but it’s always in the back of your mind; ‘what if that lad I was in primary school with years ago doesn’t know I’m living it up in New York? Or that girl I worked with in the bar over the summer 7 years ago?’ That stuff haunts you boi,” Frelihy explained to WWN.

Despite Facebook status updates in the hundreds, all featuring pictures of Frelihy in New York, the 26-year-old confessed to being sick with worry that some poor unfortunates had no idea how he was in the New York City.

“Sure word gets around, but I’m due back for good in May next year and if there’s still a few people who had no idea I was over here, you’d start to question if it was worth it at all,” a despondent Frelihy admitted, while taking a picture of himself with a skyscraper in the background.