We Have Two Tickets To The Toy Show To Give Away, Share A Vital Organ To Be In With A Chance


THAT’s right dear WWN readers, we have the giveaway to end all giveaways today!

The big one; the Late Late Toy Show is on the horizon and we’re giving you a last minute chance to nab a pair of tickets to the most anticipated TV programme of the year.

For you and a friend to secure a chance of winning these precious tickets all you have to do is share a vital organ and you could find yourself seated in the audience of RTÉ’s biggest extravaganza!

With the average audience member receiving over €1.9 million worth of free shit every year, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. Tickets are going for €40,00 each on eBay, so thank your lucky stars you only have to fork over an organ to enter this comp.

Kidneys, livers, lungs, Christ, even hearts. Whatever vital organ you feel you want to send on in, please do so as soon as possible as the competition deadline is fast approaching.

Simply place your organ in a box filled with ice and address it to 12 Business Park, Parkplace Business Park, Waterford. When it gets to us, our experienced team of dodgy eastern European doctors will assess if the organ is viable before selling it on the black market. Once we’ve done that with everybody’s entry, we’ll announce a winner.

Fingers crossed for all those entering! Anyone unsure as to how to safely take out an organ, check out our handy tutorial on our YouTube channel.