Mams Sending Curry Sauce To Sons In Australia Advised To Not Mix It First


IRISH mothers sending care package to their sons in Australia have been urged to send curry sauce in powder form only, following a number of leakages that have lead to baggage handling staff grinding to a halt as they become entranced with the aroma.

Curry sauce has eclipsed all other foods as the number one care package item being transported to Oz, with ex-pats living in Australia confirming that the local condiment ‘bush powder’, made from ground-up Ayers rock, just doesn’t cut it on chips.

With Irish mams fretting that their grown up sons may not be able to properly add boiling water to curry powder properly, many have taken to pre-mixing the sauce before sending it in tupperware containers, which customs officials have urged against.

“He always loved his chips curry… I just want to make sure he’s getting it just as I used to cook it,” said one Wexford mam, mixing a 5 litre tub of curry for her 27-year-old son who is currently living in Canberra.

“Sure, who’s to say they have boiling water in Australia, or kettles, or a hob? Do they even have hobs? No, I’ll mix it for him here, so there’s no chance he’ll scald himself,” added the mother, now pouring 8 tubs of McDonnells curry sauce into a large envelope.

Mams were also urged to not send chips wrapped in tinfoil to go with the curry sauce, and have been assured that their sons will ‘figure it out’ on their own.

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