Lovin’ Waterford: Sperm Donor Kebab Is The New Trend & We Love It!


WE HERE at Lovin’ Waterford admit to being sceptical at first, but the Sperm Donor Kebab is here to stay and for reals, it’s legit the shit! This zesty twist on the kebab is sure to have people queuing out the door, as the social selfie points are high with this one.

The Sperm Donor Kebab, the brainchild of Dermot Kingfetter, who devised 2017’s answer to pulled pork while idly pulling on his pork, once unemployed, this is truly an uplifting story and example of what a person can do if they have a dream and pursue it.

“I was just thinking that something which is such a zesty, striking assault on the pallet, was going to waste in my sock and tissues, surely it could be paired with something that hipsters would inexplicably flock to and spend €10,” Kingfetter explains.

“And with the donut market sort of filled to the brim, I was sure filling donuts to the brim would never really catch on so then one drunken night after eating a kebab it dawned on me,” the healthy eating advocate explained.

And boy, has his idea taken off. Careful not to rest on his laurels, Kingfetter enlisted friends of different backgrounds, height, weight and diet to help supply the kebab topping, and after opening their first Sperm Donor Kebab outlet in Waterford, a second outlet opened on foodie mecca South William Street in Dublin this week.

Any fears that the food eating public wouldn’t take to this delicacy have been quashed with Kingfetter likening his twist on a classic to the Cronut.

“Our big seller at the minute is Pete Pineapple’s Paradise, basically we have my mate Peter on a diet of exotic Hawaiian pornography and we restrict him to only eating pineapples too, it really gives the kebab an unexpected twist that people love,” Kingfetter explains, although the delicacy is not without its drawbacks.

“Having Peter on a pineapple only diet means we’ve fucking destroyed his kidneys, but it’s only a limited edition topping so get it while you can folks”.

After tucking into it, we have to admit, we were contemplating seconds, but Peter has a lengthy refractory period so we were out of luck. It’s always great to see a small local eatery succeed so check it out guys, and well done lads!