Choosing The Ophelia Meme That’s Right For You


WITH Facebook likes and Twitter retweets showering down on memes in a more ferocious manner than storm Ophelia is battering the island of Ireland, WWN is on hand to help you pick out the right meme to share.

Choosing a meme can be tough, if you go with one that’s already done the rounds late last night, you might as well delete all your social media accounts. However, if you steal a meme from the right source and share it quickly, people may carry you through the streets of Dublin on a throne wrongly presuming you to be the source of the epic banter, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the last time there was a bit of wind.

High risk stuff, but a higher reward awaits the victor.

Twister Spotted In Ireland

Haha…Bantz. But entry level bantz at best, you’d be doing well to get a lol from even your closest and most loyal social media friends.


Not pun based so you could be risking ridicule from social media followers or cries of ‘insensitivity’ or even worse you’ll just be ignored.

Fuck lads, there’s a fair chance someone could actually die

Hop aboard the ROFL Lolcomotive on a one way trip to Banterville, alighting at Craic Central.

Seriously, are you a sociopath of some sort, just think of people having to rebuild their lives after this.

Jesus, you monsters. An orphanage housing newly cancer free Syrian refugees who also survived the holocaust has just been destroyed now’s not the time for the admittedly hilarious Gail from Corrie memes.