Man Facing Day At Home With Family Gladly Risks Heading To Work


LOCAL man Derek Martin has decided to head in to work today despite the mounting threat of the approaching Hurricane Ophelia, in a bid to get out of spending the day at home with his wife and their five kids.

Martin, who received an email from his boss this morning telling him that he could work from home if he wanted to, opted instead to make the journey to Waterford city centre after nearly an hour of being jumped up and down on by his three sons and two daughters, all of whom were delighted to be off school for the day as well as being quite oblivious to their father’s hangover.

With threats to both the electricity and internet supply to the family home, Derek decided to himself that a 19 mile cycle in gale force winds and torrential rain ‘didn’t seem that bad’, and headed off at 10AM.

“It’s just a bit blustery, it’ll be grand,” said Martin, currently standing at a 45 degree angle.

“There’s more danger of getting hit with flying debris at home, so it’s probably safer to wrap up and head into town to do a few hours work, even if all the busses and trains and taxis are cancelled, and the roads are closed, and the footpaths, look, I think it might be best if I just stay in town for the week, to be safe”.

WWN can also confirm that Martin’s family were delighted to see him off this morning, and have been enjoying a great day so far.