Can We Blame Ireland’s Debt On This Council Estate? We’ll Try Our Best


REDUCING every ill in Irish society to being the fault of a wretched working class population is a factual endeavour we in the media bring to the public’s attention on occasion.

However, this isn’t always as easy as it looks. For example, can we blame Ireland’s national debt on this council estate above? We’re not entirely sure, but we owe it to inbuilt prejudice everywhere to at least give it a try.

Could the reason why Ireland is saddled with so much debt be lurking behind these unimpressive and depressing windows and doors? We’re already beginning to suspect that is the case.

Did this council state exist in 2008? Yes, bingo we’re onto something, is there anything this lot won’t stoop to doing to debase the good name of our beloved Nation?

Were some of the residents born before 2008? Yes. Banged to fucking rights. We have caught them red handed.

Did at least one of them have an Anglo Irish Bank account? Oh yes, they couldn’t look more guilty if they had ‘I’m responsible for the high level of debt, which we’re destined to pay off generation after generations’ on their foreheads.

Siri. Notepad. Send Taoiseach letter about tattooing people who don’t get up early in the morning right on their fucking faces.

Now, with this new information, look closer at the picture above, you’re beginning to see everything for what it is. Now what we say next may shock you; some of these people are on welfare salaries of €4.5 million a year. That’s a fact. It’s easy to see how this all adds up to €200 billion of debt.