Kylie Jenner STILL Hasn’t Lost Pregnancy Weight


WE’RE as shocked as you!

As champions of women and a body positive outlook, we here at WWN Gossip couldn’t let this moment pass without acknowledging something other publications might be nervous to point out; bitch needs to lose that pregnancy weight asap.

Now, before we get into it, we wish Kylie Jenner every happiness in her pregnancy, which hasn’t actually been confirmed by anyone.

If we’ve learned anything from the baby bods of leading famous women, it’s that the bar has been set hella high.

We have no doubt a Kylie pregnancy will be lit, she can’t just do pregnancy like everyone else, she’s in her what, first trimester? And King Kylie trunk has too much junk. We loved her fuller figure with those crazy curves when there was no bun in the oven, but now she’s pregnant, she should be slaying the pre-baby weight, during-pregnancy weight and post-pregnancy weight game.

Why Kylie hasn’t shed the pounds yet is anyone’s guess, and we don’t have info to back up our claims we’re going to presume the ‘shapely’, ‘fuller figure’ Jenner is addicted to food. She’s acting like she needs it to survive, which is sad to see, but maybe if she hit the gym, she could lose that baby weight she has so obviously piled on in the last 48 hours.

Insiders close to the star confirmed Kylie has been desperately trying for a baby these last 20 years, and is suffering from morning sickness, is expecting quadruplets and among her pregnancy cravings is freshly cut grass. But NONE of these things really excuse the fat mess she has become. K’mon Kylie, shed those pregnancy pounds.

On a financial front shares in Kylie Jenner rose 12% on the Nasdaq upon the news of the acquisition of a pregnancy, with CEO of Kardashian Korp, Kris Jenner confirming a number of new product lines involving branded pregnancy tests and lip-kits for new born babies.