Ibrahim Halawa Comment Section Trial Delayed For The 25th Time


THE verdict on the internet comment section trial of Irishman Ibrahim Halawa has reportedly been delayed for the 25th time in Ireland, WWN has learned.

Despite being acquitted of all charges against him by an Egyptian court in Cairo, an online jury of experts continue to deliberate the fate of the 21-year-old by carefully flicking through evidence published on some of the most reputable publications in the country, including the Liberal.ie and a blog post some lad wrote once.

An application for his release from social media ridicule was lodged by Amnesty International on the grounds that he was actually found innocent in a court of law.

Cormac O’Regan, spokesman for Amnesty International Ireland, said: “Normally what happens now is the defendant goes free to live the rest of their life in peace, especially after spending 4 years of it locked up for a crime they did not commit, but now we have a second, more traumatic trial – the internet comment sections of Ireland.

“Due to the poorly advancing Irish attitude to race, Ibrahim will now have to face an online jury of nationalists before a verdict can be called.”

Speaking to WWN, one such juror defended the latest trial delay, pointing to the cold-hard facts of the case.

“Tell me this: why would an Irish teenager with Egyptian parents be holidaying in Egypt?” asked Tony Thompson, desperately refreshing his browser for ‘like’ updates on his Journal.ie comment ‘here we go again’, “he’s brown and was in a Mosque, case closed as far as I’m concerned”.

“Are we supposed to act like he wasn’t head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s operation to put Sharia Law in Irish playschools?” added the one time Birmingham six campaigner

The verdict on the internet comment section retrial has been postponed until Mr. Halawa appears on the Late Late Show in the coming weeks.